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Sound Bath Sessions 

Who can benefit from sound healing?

Sound healing therapy is one of the top wellness trends at the moment.


Benefits of Sound Healing


Anxiety disorders.



Autism spectrum disorders.

People with learning difficulties.

Those with behavioural and psychiatric disorders.

Sleep disorders.


A crystal sound bath harnesses the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls of all shapes and sizes that lull you into a peaceful and mindful state of being by twirling a crystal baton around the sides of a bowl.

The sounds are like whispers to start off with in order to ease into the session, but soon, playing bigger bowls starts a complete immersion into waves of echoing sounds that begin to wash away negative, stressful thoughts and feelings.

One can feel a new sense of clarity, like a weight had been lifted from your shoulders, but everyone will feel different, there’s no wrong or right.

One might feel a little spaced out the next day which is simply your bad energies cleansing themselves. Avoiding alcohol after our session is suggested as in any energy work and increase consuming plenty of water.

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