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Luxury Hair Extensions 



Everybody is looking for something different. That's why Hair Lingerie offers the highest quality 100% human, non coated, natural hair in the world.  Can be used for length addition, and can also be used to add volume. For women with thin or thinning hair, the extensions can fill in spots to make hair fuller or conceal areas where hair has fallen out. In addition, Hair Lingerie can also be used to highlight hair, and even come in multi-dimensional coloring options. Simply add a few pieces in a shade lighter or darker depending on desired hue to add dimension. 

Ethically sourced, and always the highest quality in the industry making it the choice of A list Hollywood celebrities.  

Prices quoted per consultation with Jennifer and Ashley 

Please call 727-822-8701 to book a complimentary consultation and to design your new look.  

Why Hair Lingerie? 


Pure Luxury

The only hair extension system on the market that won't damage your natural hair

Hair Lingerie is the leader in the hair extension industry, and known for its superior quality for decades.  

Celebrities shown are actual clients of Hair Lingerie Extensions.  

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