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BEMER Technology

What Is Bemer?

BEMER technology is a biophysical application to optimize the body’s own natural vitality and wellbeing utilizing “Information Medicine.” By means of sending a unique signal to the body (our animals as well), BEMER stimulates the rhythmic pumping action of our bodies’ tiniest blood vessels – the microvessels. Distribution of the very essences of life is improved with its use. The benefits of BEMER technology is the support of the body’s own healing and maintaining abilities; they reach the entire body and can be experienced by everyone with no known negative side-effects, with exception to anyone on immune suppressant drugs/treatment. The signal itself is carried on pulsed electromagnetic fields, which was chosen by BEMER becauswe Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF’s) are safe, and because it is technologically and economically feasible. The use of PEMF however, is merely incidental to that purpose and not causal to the biological effects observed. It is just the carrier medium. BEMER could as well use light waves or mechanical waves like ultrasound, etc. Because of this BEMER is not to be considered a PEMF device per se. It is in fact very different from the many PEMF devices that are advertised on the market which do not have much in common with the BEMER technology at all.  

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