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Scalp Therapy 

Customized Bio-Dynamic Organic herbs are used that act as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory response, making it perfect for treating an oily scalp, a dry flaking scalp, or assisting in stopping hair loss.

Plant based stem cells are used and give super active results in aiding the formula mixed and applied to the scalp.  

Nourish where healthy hair takes root. Treat yourself to a special treatment that is soothing, invigorating and balancing to the scalp. Personalized treatments customized, massaged into the scalp, shampooed out, conditioned and leaving the scalp refreshed, rebalanced and rehydrated.  

Scalp Therapy treatments can be purchased in single services, or packages for a value savings. Usually when there is a scalp issue, it is most effective to get weekly treatments until the issue is resolved. Positive results are achieved with the OWAY Scalp Therapy treatments, and they feel amazing. Many clients have positive results that include faster hair growth, less hair loss and thickened hair.  

For a further look at scalp issues, we offer a cutting edge service which includes using a microscope of the skin on the scalp and hair follicles.  An interactive session between client and trained stylist will help show you before and after results that give many positive outcomes.  A treatment plan will be formulated and offered during this consultation and service.  Choose SCALP THERAPY in our menu found in SCHEDULE NOW at the top of each page.  

The main problems of the scalp

Dandruff can be considered as a localized dermatitis and is characterized by excessive flaking. Normally flaking of the scalp occurs to slough off flattened dead cells, but sometimes the process becomes intense in the presence of both oily and dry hair. Depending on the 2 cases there can be greasy horny scales or dry horny scales that leave no trace. It can last for long periods, regress or continue for one’s entire life if not treated. Some cosmetic habits like the use of aggressive products may make the problem worse. Damage from dandruff manifests itself on the hair, causing it to fall out, and on the scalp, with itching and infections.  

Seborrhea is the first stage of true seborrheic dermatitis. The flaking is minimal at first, almost invisible. As time goes by, influenced by some aggravating stimuli, the problem increases and manifests itself with hair loss, abundant flaking, with the pres- ence of scabs and terrible itching. Some microorganisms, incorrect treatments, the use of unsuitable products, too energetic scalp massages, frequent brushing that causes yanking on the hair and scalp may cause seborrhea. The damage shows up on the hair, which falls out, on the scalp, which itches and has more or less extensive infections and, naturally, it affects a person’s appearance.

Dry and reddened skin

A diet not balanced in the hydro-lipidic supply of water and fats can trigger dry skin and capillary dryness. The driest skin can be caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, which makes the skin more predisposed to irritations and to external agents. The phenomenon of sensitive skin is one of the skin problems most difficult to diagnose and treat. It is difficult to determine the degree of sensitivity, as it depends on each person’s subjective characteristics. Skin can also become red due to poor tolerance to the cosmetics used or excessive exposure to UV rays. 

Hair loss

When the physiological hair re- placement becomes excessive and you lose more than 100 hairs per day, widespread or circumscribed areas of rarefaction of a tempo- rary or permanent nature may occur. Excessive production of sebum may aid the onset of the problem, but a certain hereditary predisposition must always be considered.

Underlying the hair loss can be lack of the nutritional substances needed for hair to grow. The stress often associated with abundant hair loss should be avoided. Among the causes of hair loss we find environmental ones, due to chemical pollution, and seasonal ones. Excessive hair washing with aggressive products facilitates hair loss. 

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