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The Key Is To Be FREE

"Live happy, joyful and free of emotional disturbances."

Sessions offered by Jennifer Andrews

Can be booked by calling 727-822-8701

Heart Forgiveness Sessions/ Core Health

"You are not broken and do not need to be fixed. Neither is the world." Dr. Ed Carlson, founder of Heart Forgiveness

"Love is the greatest healer of all...but to get there we must first FORGIVE!"

Benefits of Heart Forgiveness:

* Heart Forgiveness dissolves anger and resentment.

* Changes are immediately experienced in your whole being, body and energy.

* You learn to live free of Anger , in essence to live UNOFFENDABLE.

* Heart Forgiveness releases HEALTHY HORMONES into your whole body.

* Your Life Energy FLOWS with ease, bringing more peace, love and joy into your life…

ANGER releases high-voltage toxic chemicals inside your body, damaging organs and your ability to think creatively. This contributes to a variety of dis-eases: heart attack, cancer, arthritis, ulcers, migraine, high blood pressure, et alia.

Heart Forgiveness™ creates the “Relaxation Response” by releasing endorphins – the joy and bliss “feel good” molecules – into your body.

“YES, But HOW?” HOW do I accomplish that for me, personally?

How do I experience that in my Life? How do I live that way?

How do I move past “Anger Management” and courses and medications and meditations –

into living freely, effectively, and joyfully?

Heart Forgiveness™ DISSOLVES angers and resentment.

Changes are immediately experienced in your whole being, body, and energy. You learn to live this way continuously. The body stops pouring high-voltage toxins into your bloodstream. The Relaxation Response releases happy hormones into your whole body.

Life becomes easier and more FUN.

Anger messes up our own energy. We put the other person in charge of our energy and life. With this simple key, you set yourself free from the Energy Prison(s) you have made. Heart Forgiveness as a tool benefits YOU, eliminating energy drains and oppressive “baggage” – freeing you to be fully powerful and creative.

Because people do it in their head, “forgiveness” often is not effective. Heart Forgiveness moves from your head – into your heart – and into all parts of your body ~ making forgiveness instantly effective.

Heart Forgiveness is powerful for a current issue or one 50 years old! The beauty is: you don’t have to say who or when – or tell your “story”.

Effective Use: Heart Forgiveness™ is 4 unique sessions that build sequentially. Their most effective use is to invest a week mastering each session prior to moving on to the next session.

Endorsed and recommended by:

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cell Biologist, Author of Biology of Belief, and Spontaneous Evolution ~ “I immediately recognized Heart Forgiveness as the HOW TO application of scientific research in cell biology. Heart Forgiveness creates the healthy shift in energy that effects belief, and thereby effects your biology.”

Dr. Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, DS, over 312 publications, including 23 books ~ “One of my patients exclaimed, “I cannot afford the luxury of depression.” The same is true of anger – anger is like drinking poison expecting it to kill the other person. Heart Forgiveness is essential for Health and Life.”

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