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Rebuilding bath for very damaged hair, with poor fibers, rough and porous structures.

• It gently cleanses respecting the hydro-lipid coating of the scalp
• Gives structure to treated and damaged hair.


-Olfactory bouquet: lavender, basil, lemon. A blend that combines the delicately floral notes of lavender, the penetrating and slightly sweet scent of basil and the freshness of lemon, giving hair a charge of regenerating and restructuring energy.


-Apply to damp hair, massage and rinse. Repeat if necessary.Did you know?• For greater penetration in the hair fibre, during the second application massage hair and ends, leaving it in place for around 2/3 minutes• The ingredient derived from Coconut Oil recreates the lipid balance of hair without weighing it down• Works in synergy with REBUILDING HAIR MASK; combined use is essential.


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