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No-rinse dermo-soothing treatment for sensitive skin

-• It reduces irritations and itching with efficient soothing and anti-reddening action.• It gently moisturizes the scalp, restoring skin balance.


-Olfactory bouquet: bergamot, fennel. The fresh, rich and precious notes of bergamot, the scent of citrus par excellence, are sweetened by the herbaceous sweetness of fennel, in a soothing, antiseptic and softening blend for the skin.


-• Before drying, apply to the sensitized skin areas, then massage.Did you know?• Soothes skin inflamed due to abrasion, insect bites, irritations• Can also be used on other parts of the body different from the scalp (not for internal use)• Can be applied on the scalp before any treatment to provide further protection.


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